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The Brand

Alice Balas creates a timeless wardrobe infused with the same daring spirit as its centerpiece: the iconic biker jacket that she loves to tweak and redefine in each year’s collection.


Her tailored cuts and taste for colors turn her garments into versatile and personal pieces designed to withstand the passage of time and trends. Alice has a predilection for leather, as she puts it: the material’s natural power and raw sensuality instantly confers self-confidence upon the wearer. She designs her pieces as sophisticated, fierce, and elegant armors protecting their owners both inside and out, allowing them to be as bold as they desire, without any additional accessories.

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& Limited Editions

Alice Balas’ singular and long-lasting pieces are all handmade, and often made to order, by artisan workers in her Paris atelier. They can also be ordered made to measure.  The brand sources the finest materials and all their leathers are French, or occasionally Portuguese. In addition to their regular collections, they also create unique jackets in very limited series, revisiting old classics by giving them an elegant and modern twist.

The Looks

MSRP for all leather pieces pictured: between USD $1,500 and USD $4,500

More looks:

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