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The Brand

Since 1987, the brand AU BOUT DES REVES has been recognized for the quality of its reproductions and adaptations of retro style jewelry and for its incomparable knowledge in coloring techniques.

The collections, very inspired by Art Nouveau and Art Deco, are entirely made in the company’s workshop in Lyon, in the heart of France. The Maison’s collections are distributed all over the world, including the USA, Japan, Australia, Europe, etc.

Each jewel is made using a stamping technique, producing a low relief metal pattern made by striking or pressing from an engraved steel mold. Hours of meticulous work are necessary to create a jewel, from welding, to coloring, to detailing etc. AU BOUT DES REVES’s collections are made on a base of brass, copper or tin, plated with a layer of silver (9 microns). The brass color models are also plated with a brass electrolysis treatment. They provide gold models covered with a layer of fine 24 carat gold.

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Au bout des rêves partners with French suppliers, renown for the quality of their silver. All pieces of jewelry are manufactured according to European standards to limit the risk of allergies.

The Looks

MRSP for all looks pictured :

  • Earrings: From $24 to $89 USD

  • Brooches : From USD $30 to $89 USD

  • Rings: From USD $38 to $52 USD

  • Bracelets: From USD $59 to $94 USD

  • Necklaces: From USD $56 to $84 USD

More looks:

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