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The Brand

bangle up is a modern French jewelry brand based in Paris, with a distinctive and unique signature look: enamel bracelets, lined with fine gold and decorated with pop colors and custom graphic prints. Their collections are inspired by the founders’ travels around the world and their desire to pay tribute to women everywhere. Designs always try to combine a free spirited, nomadic way of life with a classic Parisian chic.


Bracelets can be worn individually to complete a look with a subtle splash of color or accumulated around wrists for a maxi effect. They can also be mixed and matched to create a completely personal look.

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Each bangle up jewel is fabricated in colored enamel and dipped in a gold bath by our selected artisan partners in Asia. bangle up selects partners according to high-quality requirements to be sure they share the commitment to the creative process, the brand values and  company ethics. All bangle up jewels follow the same 5 hour fabrication process during 5 hours arriving Parisian workshop. First, they are colored or enamel-printed before being placed in an oven, where they are hardened, plated and varnished so that they do not darken and so they keep their brightness for years to come.

The Looks

MRSP for all looks pictured

  • Rings: from $59 to $73 USD

  • Bracelets: from $53 to $88 USD

  • Cuffs: from $88 to $115 USD

  • Earrings: from $47 to $94 USD

More looks:

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