The Brand

A family company, Bosabo was created in 1890 by a shoe merchant specializing in clogs (sabots). Five generations later, the brand is one of the few remaining traditional French clog workshops, continuing craftmanship traditions while also adapting their styles to evolving fashion trends.


Bosabo shoes are 100% created, designed, and handcrafted in the company’s workshop, using locally sourced materials. The brand also focuses on innovation and recently incorporated new flexible wood soles to their lines, for added comfort.  


The brand’s 150+ models are available in the world’s most prestigious stores: Le Bon Marché (Paris), Gravity Pope (Canada), Bergdorf Goodman (NY), Tomorrowland (Japon), etc. Their attention to detail truly sets them apart: each shoe is made on demand, allowing stores to ask for custom colors and materials.

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Natural and Ethical

From supplier selection to packaging choices, Bosabo is deeply invested in their ecological impact. In order to minimize their carbon footprint, all raw materials are sourced in France or neighboring countries. The wood used for their soles comes from local, eco-certified  forests where trees are cut at their optimal size before being replaced. Leather is predominately sourced locally (from trusted, reputable tanneries) and their plant-based leather is hand-dyed at the workshop to monitor and limit the amount of chemicals used. All wood scraps are saved to be used as combustible fuel for the workshop’s heating system, and paper remnants are given to schools for creative projects.

The Looks

MSRP for all clogs pictured:

  • Flexi Wooden Sole: from USD $155 to $240

  • Classic Wooden Sole: from USD $115 to $190

  • Cork & Rubber Sole: from USD $115 to $205

  • Rope Sole: from USD $170 to $210

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