The Brand

Bombers Original is a pioneering brand, intimately involved in the continuous evolution of the classic bomber jacket throughout the decades.


In the early 2000’s, the brand started designing other items to complement its range and kept saluting aviators and their image through the use of prints and the design of other emblematic fashion items: jumpsuits, aviator jackets, etc.


With the recent resurrection of the bomber jacket by streetwear trendsetters, Bombers Original's launched a revitalized collection of their signature garment, in unexpected fabrics, bright or pastel colors, and even an unconventional transparent version.


Making the Bomber jacket

Initially navy blue or military green, the Bomber jacket was created in the early 1950's for US AirForce pilots. It was later enhanced with a bright orange lining, designed to help pilots signal their position for rescue, simply by turning it inside out. From there, made famous by Vietnam veterans and celebrities like of Marilyn Monroe or James Dean, its popularity grew dramatically and the jacket soon became available in a large variety of colors, marketed by a handful of leading brands including Bombers Original. It has since been reclaimed by major influencers throughout the years: Mods in the 60’s,  punks in the 70s, ground-breaking Hip-Hop  artists in the 80s… Eventually adopted by the general public in the 90’s, it remains popular today.  

The Looks

MSRP for all looks pictured:

  • Dresses: from USD $110 to $200

  • Jumpers & rompers: from USD $120 to $210

  • Jackets: from USD $80 to $250

  • Skirts & shorts: from USD $100 to $180

  • Pants: from USD $90 to $150

  • Tops: from USD $70 to $150

More looks:

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