The Brand

Finger in the Nose has always focused on combining modern and casual styles with the practical needs of a children's wardrobe.


Putting comfort and practicality first, their products are functional, resistant, often unisex, easy to wear and to care for. While their aesthetic is constantly evolving, and their lines always expanding, their clothes always have the right fit. Their products stand the test of time because of their inherent quality and their classic style.


For their 18th anniversary, they decided to expand their horizons to include young adults, designing a small collection of ultra-basic Off White and Ash Black T-shirts, tank tops and polos, made from organic cotton. This recent collection is a testament to the way Finger in the Nose constantly evolves while always preserving its unique identity.


Finger Denim

Finger in the Nose was born in 2003, with the launch of a single-item collection: a pair of jeans. Over time, denim became the brand’s trademark- as well as its area of expertise. 18 years later, they are launching a new label, Finger Denim, for a specific line of timeless denim products. From historic fits to fresh releases, the Finger Denim collection features 13 different jean cuts - straight, loose, skinny and slim, high waisted, flared or slouchy - but also a range of essentials: jackets, shirts, shorts and overalls - all made from denim. The line is mostly unisex and is available in a variety of tones: blues, blacks, raw or corduroy.

The Looks

MSRP for all looks pictured:

  • Dresses: From 55€ to 90€

  • Summer Jackets: From 100€ to 140€

  • Shorts: from 65€ to 85€

  • Pants: From 70€ to 115€

  • Tops: From 40€ to 70€

  • Sweatshirts: From 60€ to 90€

  • Swimwear: From 60€ to 70€ 

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