The Brand

Created in 2012, Fleurs de Bagne designs durable clothes inspired by history.


Their collections are an homage to past civil and military clothing, reinvented through new materials and contemporary cuts. With a focus on quality and durability, Fleurs de Bagne bases their designs on real stories from the French military popular songs and clichés, century-old tattoos and historical facts.


Each of the brand’s garments is a testament to a glorious past, made of men, soldiers, pain and respect.


Quality from the Past

Focused on heritage, Fleurs De Bagne applies their vision not only to the way they design their clothes but also their choice of fabrics. Vintage and aged fabrics or knits are favored over modern ones. Their workshops are a reflection of this philosophy as well: the brand only works with family companies, some of which showcase century-old techniques.  Craftsmanship, quality and ethical work practices are at the heart of their strategy. 

The Looks

MSRP for all looks pictured:

  • Tee-Shirts (short sleeves): from USD $65 to $225

  • Tee-Shirts (long sleeves): from USD $145 to $225

  • Shirts : from USD $180 to $280

  • Jackets : from USD $270 to $435

  • Shorts : from USD $160 to $180

  • Pants : from USD $260 to $280

  • Accessories : from USD $12 to $100

More looks:

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