The Brand

Gloasanvé is the creative expression of artist Corinne Thimodent.


By designing unique shoes and accessories, Corinne showcases the cultural influences that make Caribbean women so beautiful. Colors, materials, and patterns are all chosen to reflect the local traditions and culture, from a carom fruit slice to a fabric or a tropical flower. The result: a deeply Guadeloupean, free-spirited, modern style available in several vibrant colors.

Her shoes are produced with clear Plexiglas, juxtaposing its transparency with wood and Nappa leather for extra comfort, quality and durability.  


Unique Inspirations & Prints

Inspired by the many cultures and fabrics she finds on the island, Corinne designed her Biguine model as a reinterpretaion of Madras fabric: its colorful leather straps contrast beautifully with a variety of skin tones.  The creator also designed her own pattern (Woulé Lespwa) that she uses for bags, flip-flops and scarves. A fusion of Native-American, African and Indian influences, the pattern incorporates fantastical flora and flying hummingbirds.

The Looks

MSRP for all shoes & accessories pictured:

  • Sandy: from USD $90 to $180

  • Biguine: from USD $250 $380

  • Sérénade: from USD $200 to $300

  • Oks: from USD $120 to $240

  • Flip-flops: from USD $28 to $40

  • Pearl Handbag: from USD $280 to $400

  • Woulé Lèspwa print handbag: from $200 to $300

More looks:

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