The Brand

Inspired by the leather atelier of their father, siblings Flavien and Camille are following in his footsteps with their brand Herbert Frère Soeur.


In their Parisian showroom workshop, Camille designs their collections of bags and belts, while Flavien handles the production processes. Together, they came up with their own vision for leather goods: a responsible approach that relies on long-standing relationships with trusted partners, demanding quality controls and in-house production. The result: collections made in their sturdy signature “bougie” leather, with refined, simple lines and a contemporary twist that sets them apart. Their collections are set at a reasonable price point and remain accessible for a wide consumer base.


This commitment has paid off: after first landing on the shelves of all 4 high-end department stores in Paris (Le Bon Marché, Le Printemps, BHV Marais & Galeries-Lafayette), the brand is now available in over 300 stores worldwide, including in the US. This season, the collections welcome a timely addition: smaller leather goods (wallets, key rings, etc), still designed and produced with the same care.


Signature Leather

In harmony with their strong family bond, the siblings came up with their own unique signature “bougie” leather. Skins (pelts) are sourced in France, and their Italian tannery treats them with oak and mimosa bark, as the vegetal process gives leather its unique texture that gains patina over time. The process also preserves the skins’ original appearance, with their tone variations and small irregularities, for a more sensual, authentic look and feel.

The Looks

MSRP for all bags pictured:

  • Leather bags: from USD $175 to $395

  • Belts: from USD $50 to $195

  • Accessories: from USD $60 to $195

More looks:

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