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The Brand

Founded in 2009 by stylist Lise Guitton and textile designer Mathilde Bon, Inouïtoosh’s scarves have become a hit accessory in France over the past decade.


The designers plunge into each collection as if curating an exhibition; each scarf tells a story in the manner of a painting. Made from the softest fabrics, they couple audacity with a sense of bright elegance.


Even on the technical side of their business, Inouïtoosh thrives on originality: Prints are created through silk-screening, the finishes on fringes have a worn effect and the final products have the feel of a custom-made tie-dye. This whimsical style belies a meticulously curated product ; nothing is left to chance. The natural imprecisions in their line are the result of coordinated synergy between designers, suppliers, and a collaborative creative team. They invest time in their creations : on average, it takes one week to design each scarf.


Season after season, Inouïtoosh has broadened their scope, creating new collections in accessories, home décor, and now ready to wear, all designed with their signature bold prints.

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The Meaning of Inouïtoosh

The creatives behind the brand both dreamt of a life far from Paris, where they originally met, eventually going on to create their own collection in a small village office facing the water;  their location remains a continual source of inspiration for their nature-clad aesthetics. Their brand name, Inouitoosh is a portmanteau of inouï (incredible, the name of their very first store), and Shahtoosh (the wool woven from Tibet antelopes protected since 1979).

The Looks

MSRP for all items pictured:

  • Scarves: from USD $60 to $150 

  • Exclusives Scarves: from USD $100 to $290

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