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The Brand

Inventive Citi was created in 2012 to offer a new approach to safety-centric clothing, with logo-free outerwear designed for urban lifestyles.


Combining minimalist fashion design with technical fabrics used in sectors as advanced as road safety, military use, NASA or even the health sector, the company offers outerwear that is both comfortable and fashionable, while delivering on a key feature: protection.  


Focused on traffic visibility at launch, the company initially designed reflective coats and jackets for cyclists, motorcyclists, runners, etc. Their vision has since evolved to include all kinds of protection, from anti-bacterial fabrics to bulletproof linings.

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Safety in all Forms and Shapes

Because danger comes in all shapes and forms, Inventive Citi’s collection offers a range of protections against a vast array of risks:

  • Waterproof coating for all garments

  • Removable, insulated lining for temperatures down to -20°C for the 810 & 901 models. 

  • Impact protection through reinforced, removable patches on the back, shoulders and elbows

  • Reflexive, reversible cuffs to toggle between visibility and discretion at will

  • Reflexive strips for night visibility

  • Fluorescent strips for day visibility

  • Bulletproof lining (level 3A and 3A+)

All models come in optimized, lightweight fabrics and conceal practical hidden pass pockets in the sleeve cuffs.

The Looks

MSRP for all outerwear pictured:

  • Trench 901 & Parka 810 (without Loro Piana cashmere Lining): USD $955 to $965

  • Trench 901 & Parka 810 (with Loro Piana cashmere Lining): USD $1515 to $1525

  • Reflex (reversible) with sleeves & fall protections: 330 $ (without: USD $220)

  • Climate Nasa Technology (multi-seasons): 852 $

  • Furtiv bullet proof model: 3600 $ (2021 for the US Market)

More looks:

Parka 810 FFCc2.png
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