The Brand

As a family-owned brand, Jean Rousseau is defined by its core values of tradition, craftsmanship and authenticity.

With 65 years of history, the brand’s craftsmen still produce every single watch strap, belt, and fine leather piece by hand, in keeping with the House’s traditional savoir-faire. Every material and leather is selected with the utmost care, most of them produced and manufactured in Jean Rousseau’s own tanning and finishing facilities.

Their demanding international clientele seeks personalized luxury articles and Jean Rousseau delivers: whether that be by tailoring its service to a private customer or being commissioned by a prestigious brand to develop a complete product line, Jean Rousseau craftspeople and engineers are constantly raising the bar in their search for innovative, customized solutions.


Ethical Leather

The brand’s commitment to the international community is evident through its strict adherence to the provisions of the CITES (Washington Convention on protected species) and through their stringent application of the REACH regulations.  They have also implemented a strong internal ethics code banning usage of skins such as elephant, seal, or other wild or domestic animals still widely used in the luxury industry. In addition, Jean Rousseau ethics affirm the right to a fair and equitable treatment of all staff and a deep respect for the environment.

The Looks

MSRP for all items pictured:

  • Apple watch straps: from USD $130 to $250

  • Belts: from USD $450 to $1500

  • Money clip wallets: from USD $300 to $650

  • Hipster wallets: from USD $400 to $900

  • Card holders: from USD $200 to $600

  • Iphone XI cases: from USD $180 to $450

More looks:

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