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The Brand

La Suite Jenny Sacerdote is a brand for women, by women. Founded in 1909 by a forward-thinking pioneer, entrepreneur and art-lover, the brand offers clothes that give women the freedom of movement they needed to enjoy life to the fullest. Jenny was the second woman in France to be decorated with the Legion of Honor by French Government for services to couture.  

Nowadays, la Suite Jenny Sacerdote is a new chapter for the brand, 100% made in Paris, with limited editions and ecofriendly pieces. Simplicity and quality come to life in precious fabrics, giving the sensation of silk against the skin. Each piece embraces lightness and flexibility to provide exceptional comfort in sustainable but premium clothes. 


Inspiration & Commitment 

The brand is deeply inspired by the Roaring Twenties’ party spirit, a creative, subversive and evolving era. However, this frivolous style must also be supported by a responsible production model. In order to reduce carbon footprint, the brand employs various techniques including made-to-measure clothing, upcycling and craftsmanship. Collections’ quantities are limited, and some designs are unique, allowing a constant renewal while still respecting the planet.

The Looks

MRSP for all looks pictured

  • Dresses : from $110 to $200 USD

  • Jumpers & rompers: from $120 to $210 USD

  • Jackets : from $80 to $250 USD

  • Skirts & shorts : from $100 to $180 USD

  • Pants : from $90 to $150 USD

  • Tops : from $70 to $150 USD

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