The Brand

One of the first French brands to make cashmere widely accessible, JL de la Tour transitioned from fine silk products to cashmere over 20 years ago. The company is now considered one of the founding brands within the cashmere sector, creating and popularizing hundreds of classic pullover styles in a variety of colors, with clean lines and creative accents. 


Rooted in French tradition, our name is drawn from our founder’s son, Jean-Louis, and the street of his family home, rue de la Tour. 

We provide sweaters wholesale to many major online platforms, including Brandaley, Bazar Chic, La Redoute, Fashion Shopping, Fruits Rouges (France), Mystore (Switzerland), Zalando (Germany) and Mynetsale (Australia).


Quality from Start to Finish

Our expert designers are graduates from the renowned French fashion school ESMOD,  and are specialized in quality knitted garments. 

Our manufacturing partner is located in Erdos, the leading cashmere-producing region of Mongolia. This allows us to use only the finest Arbas goat cashmere, sourced directly from this region.

We are proud to be involved in every step of the process: from dying the hair, to spinning the yarn, to providing the finished product in our store or online.

The Looks

MSRP for all tops pictured:

  • women's tank tops & short sleeve sweaters: from USD $75 to $80

  • women's and men's long sleeve sweaters (100% cashmere): from USD $100 to $180

  • women's and men's long sleeve sweaters (cashmere blend): from USD $75 to $150

More looks:

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