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The Brand

The wooden shoes currently produced by Joseph Malinge is the product of four generations of craftsmanship, passion and knowledge. Following the traditional artisanal practices, foot length and width are taken into account when the shoe is created, using the Blake-stiched  petit point and Goodyear Welting techniques. Joseph Malinge uses the finest leathers, sourced from temperate climates and tanned in the best tanneries in France. Their leather soles are made with the “Tanning Slow” material, which provides comfortable walking fit with rubber.

In order to best adapt their shoes to each target market, Joseph Malinge mounts their products using models based on the average foot shape in each respective country, helping to ensure good posture and spinal position. The interior leather sock helps prevent sweating. The shoes’ finishing shine is created by hand, using successive application of shoe cream and wax to nourish the leather.

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More about Joseph Malinge’s products

  • 5 different shoemaking techniques used : black sewn, Kneipp sewn, Stitchdown, goodyear sewn, Norwegian sewn.

  • Various sole materials: rubber, leather, rubber, lactae hevea.

  • 100% French made

  • Independently designed and manufactured

  • Produced at one site

  • Available in modular and customizable series

  • Larger sizing also available (12-16)

The Looks

DDP prices :

  • Shoes 128-198 USD

  • Sneakers 120-140 USD

  • Boots 192-198 USD

  • Loafers 150 USD

More looks:

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