The Brand

Launched in 2000, La Squadra was the passion project of Max Tricots, a family company already well-established with 15 years of experience in men’s fashion.


Focused on knitwear, their first collections surfed on the sportwear-chic trend that was starting to emerge at the time, with comfortable cuts and fabrics. From the very beginning, their attention to detail served their ideal of quality.


Subsequent successful collections encouraged them to expand their range to include polo shirts, button-ups, shorts and pants, and today, the collection also offers accessories, still designed in a sportwear-chic spirit.


Comfort and Quality

At La Squadra, everything is designed with quality and comfort in mind: materials and fabrics are selected with the utmost care to create clothes that are both visually appealing and long-lasting. Every product is also tried on and tested to ensure maximum comfort. Working only with small workshops, La Squadra focuses their efforts on limiting their carbon footprint and only produces products on demand to avoid surplus and waste.

The Looks

MSRP for all looks pictured:

  • polos (short sleeves): from usd $50 to $85

  • polos (long sleeves): from $85 to $120

  • shirts: from USD $75 to $90

  • knitwear: from USD $89 to $120

  • shorts & pants: from USD $70 to $115

  • shoes: from USD $100 to $180

  • jackets: from USD $170 to $280

  • swimwear: from USD $75 to $85

More looks:

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