The Brand

Le Chapoté Paris is the story of Clémence & Guillaume, partners in life and in business.


For the couple, caps and bucket hats are full-fledged fashion accessories, just like bags or shoes. Does that mean they should be either cheap-looking or covered in brand logos? Their answer (no), came in the form of their own brand: Le Chapoté.

Their credo: building quality, handmade-, unisex collections of hats so unique they will only please the select few who have been seeking them. Falling between streetwear and elegance, their hats transcend trends to become means of self-expression.


Irreplaceable Hats

Freed from the constrictive context of trends, Le Chapoté thrives on originality. Clémence & Guillaume hunt for fabrics like collectors and select their samples like winemakers. Their priority is not to please the general market, but instead to make sure that unconventional customers will find a piece that will set them apart. Once the fabrics are selected, their Paris workshop creates a limited collection of caps and bucket hats by hand, forming them on a wooden mold, in the artisanal hat-making tradition. Using the same patterns, their European production lines create larger collections with an equal level of quality and attention for detail.

The Looks

MSRP for all hats pictured:

  • Caps & Bucket Hats: from USD $50 to 60

  • Hand-Made Caps & Bucket Hats: USD $149

  • Baby Caps & Hats: from USD $35 to $40

  • Beach Bags: USD $55

  • Organic Cotton Tee-Shirts: USD $35

More looks:

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