The Brand

Established in 2015, Les Barbares (barbarians) is a high-end French-Caribbean accessories brand with a creative studio based in Miami, FL.


The brand takes a contemporary approach to design by fusing art and fashion. Each accessory is based upon a piece of original artwork (a drawing or painting) by its creator and creative director, French-Caribbean Artist Marielle Plaisir.


Les Barbares’ esthetic is at the intersection of timelessness, poetry, uniqueness and elegance. Combining Western- and Caribbean-style art and iconography, Les Barbares blends modernity with romance, old with new and simplicity with sophistication.


The brand offers a range of silk scarves, wallets, clutches, purses and key chains that can be mixed and matched. With leather goods made by craftsmen from Pierre Cardin workshops, Les Barbares combines stunning imagery with expert craftsmanship.


The Artist Behind The Brand

After several large-scale art exhibitions in the 2000s and 2010s, Marielle Plaisir decided to combine her two passions – art and fashion – into her own brand, les Barbares. Marielle is a multi-faceted artist and a tireless researcher invested in representing both her European and Caribbean heritage. An award-winning artist represented by the DE BUCK Gallery in New York City, her work can be seen in U.S. and European museums, as well as in international biennials.

The Looks

MSRP for all accessories pictured:

  • Twill Silk Scarves (100% silk): from USD $75 to $110 (Minimum order 5)

  • Handbags: Leather and Printed handbags: from USD $250 to $500 (Minimum order 2)

  • Purses and Pouches | Leather and Printed Purses: from USD $40 to $150 (Minimum order 5)

More looks:

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