The Brand

Founded in 1898 by a tanner and a leather craftsman, le Tanneur has always been part of French culture and identity.


 As early as 1900, Le Tanneur became a widely respected name, especially after receiving a prize at the 1900 World Fair for the ingenuity of their “sans couture”, a small leather money purse entirely designed without a stitch.  During World War 2, the company provided gaiters to the soldiers, and in the 1970-1980’s, their leather school bags were omnipresent in French school yards.


As a leather expert, Le Tanneur designs bags and accessories that never go out of style. They focus on classics with one priority: delivering an impeccable product, made with high-quality, full-grain leather, precise cuts and outstanding finishes. They also still produce the “sans couture” to this day.  


The Best Leathers,

in All Colors.

Le Tanneur works mainly with full grain leather. Sturdy, noble, durable, full-grain is naturally waterproof and forms a patina with time without losing any charm. The House’s leather connoisseurs always make sure the most fitting materials are picked for each design - including plant-based leathers, or their own signature leather, embossed in imperceptible Ts. Charcoal black, hazelnut brown, papaya red, or even their signature blue; they design custom colors with partner tanneries and produce each item in a rich palette.

The Looks

MSRP for all accessories pictured:

  • Women’s bags (leather): from USD $476

  • Men’s bags (leather): from USD $439

  • Small leather goods: from USD $147

  • Women’s bags (fabric): from USD $161

  • Men’s bags (fabric): from USD $300

  • Accessories (wristwatch and jewelry boxes, belts, etc): from USD $153

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