The Brand

Maison TINAS reinvents the espadrille, offering contemporary-chic collections of colorful, casual, lightweight, outdoor slippers.


Designed in Martinique (French Caribbean), their collections are made in Mauléon, the French espadrille capital (Basque Country), and reflect the richness of both regional cultures. Their colors and pattern are meant to evoke and inspire travel.


Maison TINAS is committed to the “slow fashion” philosophy, and  exclusively uses organic fiber in an effort to be environmentally responsible. The brand also supports the local economies through their production process. 


Unique Pieces

In addition to their limited capsule collections of carefully selected bright prints, Maison Tinas launches exclusive and ephemeral collections for hotels. Their capsules are sold in popup stores to wide acclaim. Maison Tinas espadrille collections are never produced twice, guaranteeing their customers will own a unique piece.

The Looks

MSRP for all footwear pictured:

Classic & Cool collection

  • 100% cotton: from USD $65

  • mixed cotton & leather: from USD $75

French confection collection

  • 100% leather: from USD $90

  • mixed 3D woven & leather: from USD $110

Maison TINAS also offer custom designs on demand, with a minimum order of 200 pairs.

More looks:

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