The Brand

Breaking the rules is not just an idea at Manoush, it’s their motto. The womenswear brand credits its success to its constant, renewed bohème and feminine style, expressed throughout distinctive designs season after season.


The brand’s versatile collections mix and match many things in a unique harmony: embroidery, sequins, tie-dye and colorful prints, etc. Manoush is a secret oasis for every woman to find something she did not know she needed. The designer’s eclectic experiences and influences have pushed her to constantly seek inspiration in the beauty of Eastern, Indian and African women to find ways to constantly renew her bohemian approach to design.


Full of unlikely patterns and daring color combinations, Manoush brings elegance to fun and carefree blends of glittery, colorful bohemian influences, revealing new facets every season through precise handcrafted work, and a defined intentionally kitsch touch.


The Creator

The colorful, free-spirited and kitsch essence in Manoush’s identity comes directly from designer Frederique Trou-Roy’s experiences. As a child, Frederique would transform herself into a wild princess by wearing ankle-length skirts, covering her arms in bracelets and  draping a pink scarf around her neck, accessorizing with multicolored jewelry. Later, traveling all over the world; she would gather materials to channel her creativity into something shiny, girly, bohemian, kitsch and poetic.

The Looks

MSRP for all looks pictured:

  • T-shirts: from USD $120 to $275

  • Sweats: from USD $185 to $300

  • Tops, Shirts & Knits: from USD $235 to $470

  • Pants: from USD $185 to $400

  • Skirts: from USD $250 to 500

  • Dresses: from USD $185 to $900

  • Jumpsuits: from USD $380 to $445

  • Jackets: from USD $380 to $600

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