The Brand

​The original Méduse (Jellyfish in French) sandal, named by the fishermen wearing them since 1946, became a registered trademark in 2003, when Humeau Beaupreau, French shoe manufacturer since 1870, bought the original molds from a competitor. Designing new models for the summer (sandals and ballerina flats) and for rainy days (boots and Chelsea boots), they developed the brand for all seasons.                                         

From the iconic Sun sandals, to the essential Jumpy and Airbus low boots, the brand’s collection is available in new designs and colors every season. Original and fun, Méduse® shoes are not just fashion icons; they are a statement: all Méduse® products are 100% recyclable.
Méduse is not Humeau Beaupreau’s only footwear brand: Bopy focuses on younger customers with a range of versatile leather shoes available for kids 0 to 9 years old, and items designed for babies and toddlers. In addition, the brand offers a range of sandals, ballerina flats and sneakers. Find them below along with the Méduse looks.                      


Born in France

Jelly shoes were  invented in France 70 years ago. After WWII, leather resources were at an all-time low, increasing demand for an alternative material to make shoes. This context along with the invention of plastic molding by injection led to the development of the first plastic shoe  in 1946. Their original model, a soft shoe, with a distinctive spiked sole, rounded tip and braided strands, serves as a symbol of the true style of Méduse® to this day. Initially worn by fishermen for its comfort, The Sun Sandal quickly became a popular item : by the 60’s many French women and children had adopted the style.

The Looks

MSRP for all shoes pictured:


  • sandals: from USD $24 to $34

  • kids’ boots: from USD $50 to $60

  • adults’ boots: from USD $90 to $150


Bopy kids’ shoes: from USD $65 to $100

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