The Brand

Nach brings a new concept to the jewelry market. This French brand based in Toulouse, Southwest of France, turns porcelain into trendy, high-end jewelry. Founded by Nadia and Nancy Koch, these two sisters carry on the family legacy by constantly innovating – using porcelain alone or combined with other materials – to create unconventional jewelry and accessories. They now intend to revolutionize the fashion world with their ready-to-wear collection.



All pieces are entirely handmade and meticulously hand painted. Porcelain gives a luxurious aspect to Nach’s pieces: shiny and colorful, it brings a real touch of sophistication. It fits perfectly with metal for jewelry and constitutes Nach’s elegant signature in their the ready-to-wear collection.

The Looks

  • Jewelry: From USD 36$ to 273$

  • RTW: From USD 79$ to 482$

  • Stationary: From USD 24$ to 91$

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