The Brand

Nathalie Chaize’s formal education as an architect combined with her childhood experience in Africa trained her eye, inspired her sense of color, and shaped her vision of fashion.  


Since 1985, Nathalie Chaize has designed timeless, feminine, resolutely modern, rock-chic collections. Her prints, inspired by her travels, are designed before the collection is fully shaped, and made by French and Italian printers, masters of their craft. In the meantime, solid colors are selected and combined into a rich spectrum that reveals the harmony of each collection once it comes to life in the brand’s stores.


From Paris to Lyon, Nathalie Chaize is showcased in spaces that resonate with the brand, including non-traditional venues like libraries. The brand is available in more than 100 points of sale in France and abroad.


Thinking Ahead

Aware that the fashion market is changing rapidly, Nathalie Chaize recently launched a website dedicated to better informing owners and buyers. By introducing her collection through drawings and videos showcasing the fabrics, the website will allow store owners and buyers to follow the evolution of the collections and make purchasing choices far earlier than usual, helping them better anticipate their upcoming seasons.

The Looks

DDP prices for all looks pictured:

  • Dresses: from USD $55 to $140

  • Jackets: from USD $110 to $1150

  • Skirts & shorts: from USD $60 to $120

  • Pants: from USD $70 to $95

  • Tops: from USD $70 to $85

More looks:

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