The Brand

Sisters Nathalie and Ninny created NAT & NIN in 2005, in Paris. As children, the two sisters spent their time in their parents’ workshop, observing, learning, touching, making.


Creating their own brand at only 19 and 25 years old respectively, they made a mission of selecting the most beautiful Italian leathers for their handbags, a collection of must-haves for any fashion enthusiast with a passion for beautiful and colorful accessories. They design all their bags themselves by themselves, in an array of colors perfectly suited for any occasion or mood.


In 2012, Nathalie and Ninny decided to create a leather goods collection for men, Antonyme. Named after Anthony, their younger brother who is also now a part of the company, this collection comprises all men’s essentials, from a variety of wallets to weekend bags, all made of authentic and smooth Italian leather, which age to reveal a fascinating patina over time.


Respectful Leather

For Nat & Nin, being transparent about the origin and manufacture of their leather is paramount. Their partner tanneries guarantee the origin and traceability of their leather, as well as compliance with labour rights. The company selects only high-quality raw materials from recognized and inspected tanneries to ensure that the manufacturing process is respectful of both the environment and all employees’ health.


Nat & Nin leathers are tanned in accordance with applicable laws in the European Community, in compliance with REACH regulation (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and restriction of Chemicals). Their process is certified free from nitrogen and heavy metals, guarantying authentic and non-allergenic leather that has a soft, pleasant and delicate feel.

The Looks

MSRP for all bags and accessories pictured:

  • women's bags (purses, clutches & handbags): from USD $100 to $330

  • women's plant-based leather bags: from USD $180 to $280

  • women's accessories (wallets, coin purses & key rings): from USD $20 to $120

  • men's bags (backpacks, laptop bags & shoulder bags): from USD $90 to $330

  • men's plant-based leather bags: from USD $25 to $85

  • men's accessories (wallets & key rings): from USD $35 to $90

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