The Brand

In Massai, Nemali means “the one that brought prosperity”. Created in 2008, Nemali is the passion project of two sisters addicted to travel and fashion. Growing up in the suburbs of Paris , they were introduced to an ever-changing cultural melting-pot  at an early age, which continues to inspire their work. Their first collection offered athleisure wear to active women willing to combine afro style and comfort.

Nemali celebrates feminity and diversity through its «Diaspora» concept. The Nemali woman is a combination of glamour, boldness and cheekiness. She is an epicurean, curious and open to the world. She is a socialite combining sophistication with sexiness and she goes for unique yet trendy pieces.

Nemali aims to provide their customers with unique pieces by associating ethnic style with trendy cuts and by playing with different fabrics to enhance a woman’s silhouette. Their bestseller, the Inaïa miniskirt, is timeless!


Unique Prints

Nemali’s originality lies in their unique fabrics, printed in Paris. Their graphic prints are directly inspired by the many years the sisters spent immersed in the rich African cultural area of Paris, shopping for wax fabrics. In their first collection, for spring/summer 2019, they mixed two main prints: a timeless red and blue pattern and a geometric ochre. With comfort in mind, the sisters selected fabrics primarily composed of cotton, with traces of polyester and elastane to enhance their customers’ silhouette.

For their second collection, they designed 3 new colorful African-inspired prints. The sisters also decided to broaden their creative horizons with two softer patterns, adding a black and white print inspired from the east African Bogolan pattern and an origami Japanese print to the collection, for a few ethnic-chic pieces.

Designing and producing all their garments in France, the sisters are committed to an approach based on quality and transparency. It is also the best way for them to stay as close to their inspiration as ever.

The Looks

MSRP for all looks pictured:

  • dresses: from USD $110 to $200

  • jumpers & rompers: from USD $120 to $210

  • jackets: from USD $80 to $250

  • skirts & shorts: from USD $100 to $180

  • pants: from USD $90 to $150

  • Tops: from USD $70 to $150

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