The Brand

A Travelwear brand for women and men on the move, Prêt Pour Partir (“ready to go”) offers a conceptual collection of outerwear garments.


The brand’s product lines include raincoats, jackets and coats, all made in waterproof and technical fabrics  –such as coated linen or neoprene– sourced in Italy and developed exclusively for the brand. Initially opting for a very androgynous look in its first collections, the brand has evolved towards more feminine cuts for women, while still remaining functional and easy to pack.


Since 2012, Prêt Pour Partir’s collections also offer warmer coats made in cashmere and wool –most of it genuine Harris Tweed from Scotland. The Spring 2021 collection introduces a new line of coated linen: light super 120 wool, double-face mackintosh-type fabric, as well as light featherweight cotton, all with a strong water repellent treatment.


Distributed in high profile multibrand stores all over the world, Prêt Pour Partir is already renowned for its modern, and elegant style.


The Birth of a Design

The idea for the brand was born in an airport in the early 2000s.  As he waited between connecting flights, Xavier Aujard looked around and saw a crowd of businessmen wearing inelegant, ill-fitting parkas over expensive suits. Realizing how uncomfortable and gauche it looked, he designed a protective, wind- and water-proof jacket, long enough to cover formal wear. Much lighter and full of hidden details; the new generation ‘ready to go’ parka was born.

The Looks

MSRP for all items pictured between USD $450 and $700 

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