The Brand

Created in 2000 by three sisters, Sans-Arcidet Paris has quickly become a reference in the fashion raffia accessory market.


The brand takes us from Paris to Madagascar, offering a blend of elegant, timeless accessories, from simple totes to urban handbags and large-brimmed hats. Constantly bridging past and future, Sans Arcidet’s style evolves day after day thanks to Madagascar craftswomen’s knowledge and skill, combining materials, shapes, and colors along with the brand’s designers’ French touch.


Raffia is a 100% natural fiber made from Raffia palm leaves. Traditionally used to make mats and baskets, this material has also been widely used throughout the world in textiles. Sans Arcidet has elevated it into a line of highly comfortable and fashionable creations that celebrate the beauty of natural fibers.


For their SS21 collection, the brand is launching a new raffia-based shoe capsule designed in accordance with the rest of the accessories (hats and bags).


Natural Fibers

Very committed to sustainability and concerned about their environmental impact, Sans Arcidet is constantly developing new products, replacing leather with new materials, and using a 90% plant-based dye. The most successful color in their range is the “Tea” color, made from real tea, which produces a wonderful natural beige.

The Looks

MSRP for all items pictured:

  • Hats: from USD $120 to $150

  • Bags: from USD $120 to $300

  • Belts: from USD $80 to $120

  • Shoes: from USD $180 to $350

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