The Brand

The year is 1992, and Jean-Jacques Lauby, a rugby superfan moving into ready-to-wear, contacts Serge Blanco and offers him a partnership: a clothing label in his name. Serge Blanco, a legendary player at the end of his rugby career is already well known, and the label is born that same year.

After developing and opening stores all over the country for the past 20 years, the brand started exploring foreign markets 3 years ago, first in the U.S., Canada, and Japan, then in the Middle East. Today, Serge Blanco provides for a man’s every need, from underwear to shirts, shoes, bags and even suits.


Redefining sportswear-chic, the brand defines itself as an emotional interpretation of the original values of rugby.


The Male Connoisseur

Serge Blanco has been dressing men for over 25 years: twenty-five years spent studying the male figure, analyzing their complexities, their contradictions, their likes and dislikes. Wearing Serge Blanco means being part of a community of epicurean men who are spontaneous and enthusiastic, and who look for the right fit and comfort without compromising on style. Because men come in different sizes and body types, and everyone deserves the right to find well-fitting clothes, Serge Blanco dresses all kinds of men, from XS to 6XL.

The Looks

MSRP for all looks pictured:

  • Outerwear: from USD $200 to $530

  • Knitwear & sweaters: from USD $100 to $135  

  • Shirts (long and short-sleeved): from USD $90 to $180 

  • Polo & tee-shirts: from USD $45 to $152,5

  • Pants & shorts: from USD $82,5 to $190

  • Shoes: from USD $100 to $175

  • Textile accessories: from USD $22,5 to $112,5

  • Leather goods: from USD $28,5 to $818,5

More looks:

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