The Creator

"After two years at the Beaux-Arts school, I took a course at the ESMOD fashion college in Paris, which gave me the opportunity to intern in several fashion houses. Working for Dries Van Noten gave me a taste for mixing fabrics. Philippe Torreccila introduced me into the Yves Saint Laurent fashion house, before I worked in turn with Christian Lacroix and Paco Rabanne.


A personal mentor to me, Yves Saint Laurent remains one of my inspirations: he taught me all about French chic, inspired me to make beautiful things, and to focus on how to achieve them.


I had always wanted to create my own brand; that dream is now a reality. Today, I would love to take advantage of my brand’s burgeoning recognition, bring my vision to the ever-expanding legacy of French creation, and be a voice for a renewed, feminine, modern elegance."


The Collection

Valerian's collections are feminine, sophisticated, luxurious and stylish. He makes use of silk crepe, crepe, silk, velvet, chevron cashmere, wool and boiled wool to create elegant and refined silhouettes. Designing for active women, his cuts are straight and close to the body, emphasizing natural curves. The pants are wide, the dresses have deep necklines and the jackets are designed with asymmetrical details.

The Looks

MSRP for all looks pictured:

  • Dresses from USD 890$ to 960$

  • Jackets from USD 1020$ to 1200$

  • Coat from USD 1140$ to 1250$

  • Pants from USD 770$ to 850$

  • Blouses from USD 765$ to 850$

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