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The Brand

Exquisitely executed, the Valérie Valentine collection of ornamented leather hair ornaments and accessories are made of only top of the line natural, primary material.


Valerie Valentine’s hair designs, often studded with Swarovski crystals, are perhaps best viewed as jewellery, lending casual sophistication or a touch of whimsy to sublimate any look.


Whether seeking an accessory to coordinate a natural or a more sophisticated look, the rich palette and wide array of colours, the different textures of leather and the sheer variety of the collection is designed to satisfy the most demanding and eclectic taste.


There is a timeless elegance to Valerie Valentine’s work as a designer, which reflects her understanding of how beauty can be enhanced by the right detail and how hair ornaments play an essential role for the fashion-conscious woman

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Exquisite Materials

The incorporation of Swarovski crystals with their jewel-like quality, their brilliance and shine, heightens the opulent and luminous nature that characterises Valérie Valentine. Her hair ornaments are elegant touches of luxury. The nuances of colour, texture and shine are vast, allowing each client to find something that is unique and bold.

The key to Valérie Valentine is designer Valerie Dassa herself, who imagines each and every piece of her collection before they are brought to life in her Paris atelier.

The Looks

MSRP for all accessories pictured:

  • Hairband / Headband: from USD $13 to $272

  • Hairclip: from USD $13 to $105

  • Scrunchie: from USD $31 to $44

  • Comb: from USD $13 to $56

  • Hairclamp: from USD $23 to $30

  • Bracelet: from USD $20 to $77

  • Leather Accessories: from USD $29 to $40

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