The Brand

The Weill family spirit has established a genealogy of values rooted both in tradition and innovation.  Led since 2017 by Franco-Brazilian fashion designer Mathilde Castello Branco, the Weill brand benefits from her extensive experience from her time at Hermès, Martin Margiela, Lanvin and Azzaro.


With a keen sense of the Weill family’s heritage and of the richness of its history, Mathilde brings the promise of new inspiration to its collections. Her signature is a feminine, delicate fashion with a subtle break from conventions: “I like surprises: the unexpected detail, the original reinvention in the cut of a garment, surprising inventive mixes that give character to the silhouette.


The Weill client is the epitome of the modern Parisian woman, the kind of muse who distinguishes herself with a startlingly je-ne-sais-quoi, a subtle blend of sophistication and casualness that is so typically French.


Generations of Style

Weill is a family story intertwined with the world of fashion. Created In 1892, the brand is the brainchild of Albert Weill who arrived in Paris to set up a small womenswear workshop. Two generations later, in 1950, his grandchild propelled the family business into the modern era, and into the pages of fashion magazines. Moving to mass-produced ready-to-wear, Jean-Claude Weill transformed the brand into what it still is to this day: designer clothes for demanding women.

The Looks

Wholesale average prices for all looks pictured:

  • Tweed Jackets: from USD $290 to $350

  • Dresses: from USD $170 to $250

  • Coats: from USD $230 to $440

  • Pants: from USD $90 to $140

  • Blazers: from USD $190 to $230

  • Knitwear: from USD $100 to $140

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