The Brand

The ZHOELALA story started in 2015 : following a  road trip around Asia, founders Dominique and Julien  were inspired to start their own business in sunny Guadeloupe, launching Shoela, a brand of punchy and colorful sandals inspired by their travels.


Keeping the focus on design, quality and innovation, Shoela became the go-to brand in the Caribbean for fashion-forward women.

Shoela’s sister brand, Zhoelala, is continuing to push boundaries and go beyond traditional fashion standards. Dominique and Julien continue to explore the limits of creativity, quality and practicality while their production department stays focused on new ways to enhance comfort.


Now available throughout Europe and on Zalando & Spartoo, Zhoelala's influence has spread in the Caribbean and to big cities worldwide. One thing for certain: Zhoelala sandals don't go unnoticed.


Designed For All Feet

At Zhoelala’s workshop, sandals are assembled, refined, softened and for a few select models, painted by hand. Zhoelala sandals are uniquely stylish, with a feminine touch. Following green best practices, their sandals are produced with top-quality, durable and light PVC, which makes them 100% recyclable. Considered the perfect «all-terrain» material, PVC is non-scented, non-slip, fully washable and allergen-free.  Zhoelala’s line is designed for maximum comfort, with an  adjustable ankle strap and a wide range  of shoe sizes for women and children. Their shoes are everything you want in a sandal, including glitter that won’t chip away. 

The Looks

MSRP for all footwear pictured:

  • Adult sizes: USD $39

  • Kid sizes: USD $35

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