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The Brand

Pioneering Parisian ready to wear in the 60’s, fashion creator Zyga inspired his children to launch their own label –named after him– in 1984.


The cofounders share their father’s passion for linen, a comfortable, quality fabric that presents the advantage of being 100% natural; perfect for a brand concerned with the environment and ethical practices.


A most versatile fiber, linen is woven in multiple ways and into various fabrics: heavy linen brings flexibility and fluidity, making perfectly suited to any temperatures. Medium linen is used for skirts, shorts, pants and structured dresses while light linen is ideal for tops and loose dresses. Linen gauze is floaty, light, perfect in urban settings or on the beach for tops, flowy dresses and skirts.


At Zyga, production is exclusively carried out in Europe, and is limited to avoid surplus and keep the brand’s carbon footprint as low as possible. Their creations are also designed to withstand the passage of both time and trends, allowing their customers to keep them and reuse them at length.

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The Many Benefits of Linen

Linen is one of the greenest fabrics. With 80% of its global production located in France, the plant requires no irrigation or pesticide, needs little maintenance, and does not create waste. The most ancient fabric known to man, linen keeps bodies cool in summer, and helps conserve heat in winter. Very absorbent, it can be dyed like no other fabric, delivering the brightest colors. Linen is also stubbornly sturdy –one of its most notable features and the reason why it has remained popular through the ages!

The Looks

MSRP for all looks pictured:

  • Dresses: from $75 to $110

  • Skirts & shorts: from $60 to $90

  • Pants: from $60 to $80

  • Shirts & tops: from $60 to 90$

  • Tee-shirts: from $30 to $50

More looks:

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